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Tim Dressing,  Playing Live Music
Home at Ocean Reef in Upper Key Largo, Florida

Hi, I’m Tim Dressing, a native of Tavernier.  I’m a musician, I make music, I'm a one-man band.  I have 90,000 songs on a computer to DJ with or provide music when I take a break from playing.  I can play an organ, piano, keyboard, trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and pocket trumpet.


I’ve been playing professionally since 1974. I started playing music in third grade in a drum and bugle corp at Florida Air Academy.  I went from bugle to trumpet for five years at Admiral Farragut Academy, where I learned to read music.  I was the schools best musician and won awards my junior and senior year.  After graduating I played with several bands.  In July of 1974, I purchased an organ, which allowed me to play chords with my left hand, bass with my foot and lead on my trumpet or sing.


I started playing evenings at the Islamorada Yacht Basin three to four nights a week.  By October 1974 I was playing five nights a week at Holiday Inn in Islamorada.  The summers of 1975 and 1976, I played in the lounge at Cheeca Lodge. I’ve played from Key West to Terre Haute, Indiana.


Yes, a man from Indiana flew me to play three nights for his 50th birthday.  I’ve played piano bars telling jokes in-between songs.  I played six years at Mary & Stan’s Restaurant, my longest playing gig.  I’ve donated my time to organizations including Moose Lodge and Elks Lodges, American Legions, Shiners, and fundraisers for people in need.


I’ve played at the Masonic Home in St. Petersburg, the Convalescent Home in Plantation Key, The Red Bone, Island Jubilee, Fish Fest and Bacon Fest. My specialty is private parties.  I’m invited back because my sound is mellow and I don’t play loud. People are able to socialize while having a nice sound to listen to.


If this is what you are looking for, give me a call. I’ll even set up for an hour for you to check me out.  If you would like to have a band, I have many friends who are great musicians and can add as many as you’d like. Thank you for your time.  Give me a try. 

Tim Dressing Playing Music at The Masonic Home of Florida
36th District Valentines Day Party
Feb 11, 2017

Saint Petersburg, Florida

Key Largo Woodrats Certificate Of Appreciation
Recognized As An Outstanding Volunteer
Key Largo Moose Lodge #2287

BOOK YOUR PARTY TODAY! (305) 552-3982

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